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Jukebox Arcade for Windows 8/RT
This is a completely redesigned Jukebox front-end for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Download via the Windows Store.

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Image-O-Matic for Windows 8/RT
A batch image processing, resizer and converter App for windows 8 and Windows RT.

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Jukebox Arcade 1.3.7 - (Windows XP/7) ** Free Software Download **
This is a Jukebox front-end that I designed to work on my MAME machine. It allows customizable control via keyboard, supports album art for a unique song selection experience.

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Jukebox Arcade 1.2.1 - (Windows XP/7) ** Free Software Download **
The previously released version, for those that like things just the way they were.

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BetterArt Visualization - ** Free Software Download **
A simple yet better Album Art visualization for Windows Media Player

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Paradox Jigsaw Puzzler v1.0 - ** Free Software Download **
This is a 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Game. The Game takes any image and breaks it into a random jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle is then scattered on the playing surface and it is then up to you to put it together.

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TagDotNet - ** Open Source **
ID3, MP4, ASF file tag reading for c# Windows/WindowsRT applications

MAME Arcade Cabinet, Emulators and other Fun Stuff.

My MAME Arcade Cabinet

MAME Cabinet

The thought of owning my own arcade machine has always been a fantasy. I remember spending hours on end playing the likes of crazy climber, sinistar, robotron, pacman, missile command and all the old classics. Yeah, Yeah, showing my age. (The bald spot shows it better!).
The result is my MAME arcade cabinet. it has given me countless hours of tinkering and enjoyment. Building a MAME arcade cabinet was probably more fun than actually playing it, but you can still find me on it quite a bit. To my wife's chagrin.

It runs MAME (of course), Daphne, Future Pinball, Project 64, Stella (Atari 2600) and more.

Click to see more of my MAME arcade cabinet.
Here is my hardware and software list with links where to find the stuff you might need, and a few hints to make your experience all that much better.